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Hi all, this is the official Newgrounds page of Canadian Hardcore and Hard Dance producer Silv3Ster. I enjoy nothing more than sitting down, and writing a badass track. If you would like any information, feel free to PM me.

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Posted by Dj-GST - November 10th, 2010

Workin on my first Hardstyle track at the moment, gonna be a while before it's released. Sounds fuckin awesome so far :D

Posted by Dj-GST - October 3rd, 2010

As soon as I submit my remix of SethKorn's "The Rabbit Hole", I'm gonna start cracking down and actually making an attempt to improve my skills and my sound, because my music sounds an awful lot like the majority of NG music: unoriginal, uncreative, rushed, badly mixed, etc. In other words, my music still sounds horribly fucking amateur.

So until I improve, and achieve a professional sound, I'm putting my CD on hold. I believe it was a rushed decision in the first place, I wanted to get a career going very badly, but how will I ever be successful when my music sounds like crap?


Posted by Dj-GST - September 10th, 2010

Still working on my first album, it's taking so damn long...

I've decided to move the track number up to 10 tracks, hopefully I have the creativity to make that many.

I might be re doing Hyperactive, Dig This!, and possibly O rly. These wont be "remixes", but complete revamps with new synths, melodies (there will be a few of the original ones) , drums, and styles (genres).

At the pace I'm going this won't be done until next year or so, but it will be fucking epic :D

It will still be for sale on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon mp3, etc. (I think).

Along the way I'll be submitting short cuts or demos of a few of my completed tracks (1:00 at the most for demos), and maybe a couple full tracks that aren't for my album, but I may be too busy with the other tracks so we'll see.

When I do end up submitting short cuts and/or demos, they'll be tagged with Silv3Ster in front of their titles, that's the name I'll be using for my hopefully successful professional career.

I'll stop blabbing now.


Posted by Dj-GST - July 19th, 2010

Okay, so at the moment I'm working on my first album. It's been a long time coming, and I'm finally doing it!

It will be a purchasable album, available on iTunes, Amazon mp3, MSN mp3, SoundCloud, etc. I will be pricing it at $9.99, and single songs will be $0.99 each.

I've decided to write seven songs, I don't have a track listing yet, as I'm currently working on the first. Just so you get a taste of what will be on the album, I will be uploading short demos (30 sec - 1 min depending on the length of the song) of a couple of them.

It probably won't be done for about 7 or so months (taking a month on each song), but I'll keep you updated.


Posted by Dj-GST - April 9th, 2010

When I'm done with this lame ass college course, I'm gonna apply at the Art Institute of Vancouver, into their Electronic Music program. I'll learn how to use professional synthesizers and DJ equipment, as well as learn more about the production of Electronic Music itself.

I wanna be a Pro DJ and eventually a top selling artist, so I've been thinking up some pro artist names. What I got so far is:



DJ Quake

DJ Breaker

and my favorite so far:

DJ Surge

I'll probably go with DJ Surge.


Posted by Dj-GST - April 3rd, 2010

Next up is the full version of my song Hyperactive.

I'm going to be adding an additional piano melody or two, along with some new synth melodies. I don't think I'll be using many more instruments than in the WIP, but I will definitely be adding alot more drum variation and some effects.

I'll be changing the intro, as well as adding a decent ending to it.

It wont be all out fast like the other pretty well was, it'll have a few slow parts that will add some needed transition and will emphasize the "cheeriness" of it. So if any of you liked it for it's fast paced feel, you may not like it quite as much with these changes.

I'll try to keep the "hyperactive" feel to live up to the title, but I'm not really aiming for a super fast song anymore.

I should have it done pretty soon and hopefully everyone will enjoy it.


Posted by Dj-GST - March 13th, 2010

I like composing music on FL Studio, but lately I've been scarce for motivation and ideas. Usually, when I do come up with something, it almost always turns out to be crap.

Right now, in what little spare time I have, I'm working on a remix of SethKorn's song Frozen Clockwork.

After I'm done remixing that, I'm going to start working on the full version of my song, Hyperactive.

Once that is completed, I've decided that I'm going to remix every song that I submitted to my old profile, fucking666killelmo.

It will be a long, challenging, and enjoyable task.

I'm now off to install some VSTi's and play a little Bioshock 2.


Posted by Dj-GST - January 20th, 2010

More specifically, apple pie. What kind of pie do you like?


I like pie.

Posted by Dj-GST - December 23rd, 2009