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Great track bro! Great synths and drums, very euphoric!

My only issue would be a few of the filters you used, they tended to make the track too high in treble, but that's not a huge issue.

All in all, good job bro! Keep it up!


YakovlevArt responds:

Yeah I know what you mean. I made this track a few months ago and didn't really spend a lot of time on it.
But thanks for the review =]

Sounds good, though it needs some work

First of all, LOVED that little drum bit near the intro, sounded sweet :D

Piano was well done, very soothing :)

Good progression, simple, but well done.

The drums could be a bit more powerful, just so they would stand out more, this IS Hardcore after all :P

The Euro lead could be turned down a bit, or even sidechained...yeah that would sound badass!

Over all, good track bro, but it needs a bit more attention.

4/5 8/10


steven-mcl responds:

Fair enough, thanks man, I'll see what I can do to figure out some other things on my next song. Thanks for the review.



Awesome track bro.

Excellent mixing and mastering, wicked effects, catchy melodies :D

Never really listened to one of your tracks before, but you've got a new fan now :D

My only complaint really would be that I find the kick to be a little too blippy, that's just a personal opinion, it does, however, fit the track fairly well.

Great job bro! I look forward to hearing more from you :)

5/5 9/10


Pretty good.

Pretty basic track, but mixed fairly well.

Bassline needs some work...it's nice and loud for the single note sequences, but then when it switches to multinote it quiets down alot and gets overtaken by the other synths.

Other than that it's pretty decent bro.

4/5 8/10


steven-mcl responds:

Yeah, that was a problem I had to face as the bass line has two different synths to it, which also overlap increasing the velocity a bit on the output, but I thought it had a nice effect to it so I didn't touch it. Thanks anyway man, happy to get this one out finally.


Haha nice

This was pretty decent man, nice melody, background variation, progression.

The only thing I have to say is that the drum pattern is a tad unoriginal, but still very well suited to the track.

I look forward to hearing more from you man, you're doing well. We should do a collab haha.

4/5 9/10


syphonmax responds:

A collab sounds good, maybe when I start University, I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to kill! xD

(Filming over the summer! woo!)


I could dance to this, but I'd punch the DJ in the face...


Very chill track, loved the effects.

Nice punchy kick, and as usual, awesome melodies.

4/5 9/10


ACINO responds:

Thanks mate!=)

And thats what im living for;)


Very nice man.

I quite enjoyed this one, kick was nice and loud, synths were nice and soft.

Very very nice.

4/5 9/10



Holy shit man, this was great!

I LOVED the kick man, and the rest of the drums were nice aswell.

Very nice remix man, and I agree, this IS your best :D

5/5 10/10 = Fuck yeah!


SethKorn responds:

haha its two kicks, a sub, and a punch, layered :D

Glad you liked it man! :D

:D :D

That was fucking great man, so, so chill :D

Wicked acapella man, sounded great :D Would you mind sending it over to me? Or telling me where you got it?

Great track man, you've found your style for sure.

5/5 10/10


SethKorn responds:

lol i'll send it over! :D and thanks for the review :O

I like chill, but i want to work on my more up beat shit too xD

haha thanks!

peace :O

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